Sunset Cruise


Sunset Cruise
07:00 - 19:00
Address and information
44 Wharf Street 4877 Port Douglas Australia

For an exquisite conclusion to yet another day in this idyllic haven, set your sights on the waters and embark on a sunset cruise with Sailaway Port Douglas. This journey promises an indelible experience, etching the beauty of a tropical sunset and the serenity of the Coral Sea onto your memory. When in Port Douglas, this isn't just an option – it's an essential encounter that beckons you to unwind and relish the magnificence that nature so graciously bestows.

As you step aboard the first-class sailing catamaran, an ambiance of refinement and relaxation envelops you. The vessel becomes your floating sanctuary, a platform where time slows to a leisurely pace and the cares of the world seem to melt away. As the catamaran gracefully glides over the Coral Sea's gentle waves, the symphony of the water creates a soothing backdrop to the journey ahead.

The allure of this experience reaches its zenith as the sun begins its majestic descent. The tropical sky becomes a canvas of warm hues, painted with the blush of oranges and pinks that blend seamlessly into the cobalt blue expanse. The sea reflects this kaleidoscope, a mirror to the celestial spectacle unfolding above. From the vantage point of the catamaran's deck, you're granted a front-row seat to this breathtaking panorama.

Sailaway Port Douglas captures the essence of paradise and encapsulates it within the confines of a sunset cruise. It's a tapestry woven with the threads of tranquillity, beauty, and the boundless allure of the Coral Sea. As you witness the day's close under the tropical sun, a profound connection to the natural world takes hold – a reminder of the sheer privilege it is to be a part of such splendor. This journey isn't just a cruise; it's an immersion into the sublime, an invitation to let go and embrace the magnificence of the present moment.