Lagoon view reception


Indulge in the captivating allure of Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort & Spa, where your wedding dreams come to life. Our breathtaking terrace, overlooking the magnificent 3,000-square-meter lagoon, stands as a testament to beauty and elegance. As one of the largest lagoons in the Southern Hemisphere, its turquoise blue waters and gentle tropical breeze create an enchanting atmosphere, making it the perfect reception area for your special day.

Imagine exchanging vows and celebrating amidst the ethereal surroundings of the lagoon. As night falls, the lagoon comes alive with flickering flames, casting a mesmerizing glow that sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding reception. The subtle play of light and water creates an ambiance that is nothing short of magical, enchanting your guests and ensuring a truly memorable experience at Pullman Port Douglas.

Our terrace provides ample space to comfortably accommodate up to 130 guests, allowing you to share this joyous occasion with your loved ones. As the sun sets, watch as the vibrant hues of the sky blend seamlessly with the tranquil lagoon, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and joy that envelops everyone in attendance. It is a moment where time seems to stand still, and the beauty of the surroundings amplifies the happiness in the air.

At Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort & Spa, we understand the importance of every detail. Our dedicated team of wedding professionals will work closely with you to curate a reception that exceeds your expectations. From customised menus featuring delectable cuisine to personalized décor that reflects your unique style, we are committed to creating an extraordinary experience that perfectly captures the essence of your love story.

Allow the allure of our stunning terrace and the enchantment of our illuminated lagoon to be the backdrop for your dream wedding. Contact our experienced wedding team today to begin planning your magical celebration at Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort & Spa. Let us bring your vision to life and create memories that will be cherished forever.